UPSilon Software

UPSilon 2000 is a monitoring and controlling software for smart UPS, which  displays the status of UPS (e.g. input & output voltage, line frequency, load, temperature and battery capacity) in digital and graphic, When the power is on, it wll display UPS status in analog diagram display. It can also monitor your UPS remotely via network and manage the power more effectively. On AC failure or UPS battery low, UPSilon 2000 will perform its monitoring function without people around.


Product Features

UPSilon 2000 has some new ways to send the warning messages, auto dialing and by E-mail. additionally ,UPSilon 2000 features a new Windows NT service function, which allows the monitor program to be executed automatically before log in. UPSilon is out there in many languages, you’ll select the one that’s most familiar for you to carry out the software configuration and operation. Combined with ClientMate, UPSilon could be as server software, helping CilentMates get  UPS status from it.

  • Support Windows NT Service function.
  • Support multiple shut down.
  • Support multiple languages.
  • Sending warning message by e-mail automatically.
  • Calling pager for the warning message automatically.
  • Remote monitoring UPS via TCP/IP or Internet.
  • Detect AC fail and UPS battery low automatically.
  • Scheduling turn on/off timing.
  • Displaying the UPS status at graphic, such as the temperature, voltage, load, line frequency etc.
  • Broadcasting warning message.
  • Setting the countdown timing and the interval of each warning.
  • Setting UPS diagnostic and self- test time.
  • Before removing the system, automatically close and  store the applicable programs.
  • Recording and analyzing the UPS status.